How can I start using the service?

First you have to register to start using the service. In your Personal Account you will be able to add information about your organisation to pay for the services by bank transfer. Replenish the balance by using any convenient method. Thus, you will be able to create and launch projects. In case of questions, send a request to the technical support at the special section of your Personal Account.

What is the difference between your links and seo-links?

When placing seo-links, only specialised website parameters that allow promoting the website in search engine results are taken into account. Moreover, a seo specialist is not interested in how many of your prospective customers visit the website, whether they will go to your website by using the link, it’s just not their job. Therefore, one of the main tasks of Crowd Links is to place links so that you become visible to prospective customers.

How often and how many crowd links should be placed?

There is not ideal recipe. However, we strongly recommend not to cling to one-time placement of a great number of links. It’s particularly important for young projects. Moreover, links are not evenly indexed. We recommend to place links regularly in small portions, but adhering a constant schedule.

Where will you place links and information about us?

Crowd links are published in thematic forums, comments to articles, social networks, question and answer services. Which exactly venues are used for placement is decided for each customer individually. For maximum results, we work only with forums where live users (not bots) are active, and where exactly your target audience communicate.

Why are your links more expensive than seo links?

Buying links for a seo specialist is a routine. Links can be bought in large blocks via special services or stock exchanges. Moreover, the quality of links leaves much to be desired. We work patiently and manually, including selection of venues, continuous account maintenance, generating interesting text accompanying a link to attract users to your website. In our opinion, this work cannot be cheap as it demands attention, skills, copywriting and a lot of time.

Do you agree upon venues before placement?

We place links only manually and in reasonable quantities without using spam software. Venues are always selected by a specialist considering peculiarities of your business. We work with forums where communication is active, including link exchange. Crowd marketing is mainly used by PR and deluding a link mass rather than for direct movement to the top. Moreover, selection of venues is important and time-consuming work, and we do not want to perform it in vain if a customer decides not to pay for the order. Therefore, venues are not agreed.

Does your work affect the results of a website in a search engine?

Yes, our work positively affect searching as it resolves a problem of diversity of a link mass. Crowd marketing is made for this rather than for traffic. Additionally, the name of your company in a positive context and a reference contribute to your brand memorability. Furthermore, when prospective customers remember you and search by name, they will increase the number of brand requests in search engines, which will positively affect the search results.

Do you guarantee website traffic?

We accurately select venues for placing links based on your target audience. Thus, a link will be visible to people who are interested in exactly your content, which increases the possibility of visiting your website. However, neither we nor any other service can guarantee that someone will go to your website or even click the link.

How long will the project take?

Usually, we start working on a project when its status is changed to In Progress. It takes two weeks to one month to complete the project after the beginning of work. A month is maximum possible term for complex subjects requiring a lot of work, usually an order is performed much quicker. Do not worry, as soon as everything is ready, a report will be sent to your personal account.

How do you confirm that the job has been done?

In the end of a reference period we send a detailed report that includes links and screenshots of venues we worked with. This report allows to check our work and control integrity of links.